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If you want to know more about the tattoo for men then read on, we will analyze past and present this art.

In this web you will find hundreds of ideas to choose your tattoos of the different styles, zones and latest trends. Tattoos is a universal language and by which we can express ourselves around the world.

Personally I’ve always been very curious to know why people come to tattoo their bodies, is it possible for Fashion?, maybe for Rebellion? Could also be for Friendship or because you know a person and you do for Love to that girl or boy?

For following a current or because it is fashionable?, for being accepted within a group or social circle?, perhaps by Culture? As you can see there may be many causes for tattoos for men, but the truth or rather the reality of this and must be admited is that it is a body art that for thousands and thousands of years is used for different purposes unknown by Many and known by other people.

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Tattoos For Men

To understand this art more thoroughly let’s see some history of the art of tattoos.

This art of painting the body can take it back several centuries, even the cavemen who later became warriors and saw in the tattoo or painting class a symbolic way to represent their strength, courage or ferocity. Thousands of years later, the so-called body-painting became a new genre that still has not found its place between simple delirium and artistic expression.

Tattoos for tribal men shoulder blade

History of Tattoos

Through tattoos and perforations, it seems like energy flows, where we can always find connections that for many years have existed within our culture, and which are now part of us. Most of the whole of our society think tattoos is very recent, and that has developed in the last decades over the twentieth century. And however the reality is that thousands of years ago this art already existed, although we do not know exactly what the actually beginning of tattoos was.

If we travel to the origin of the word tattoo we can see that it comes from “Ta” of the Polynesian language that means, “to beat”, is the ancient practice to make a tattoo by means of a knocking on sharp object (as it is the bone) over the skin. These nowadays are also known as Tatoos (or Tatú) and there are different very famous modalities like Maori tattoos, nowadays Hollywood stars for example are the latest fashion in Tattoos for men and we have many examples of Tattoos Of Celebrities to get new ideas.

Tattoos Of Celebrities

Examples of tattoos in antiquity

To see the oldest examples of the tattoo we can look at the tattooed mummies discovered in 1991, preserved as they were inside a glacier. There is inside this glacier a hunter of the Neolithic era, with his back and knees tattooed. And just before this hunter was discovered, the example we could take the oldest of a tattooed person was the priestess of Egypt called “Amunet” worshiping “hator” The goddess of love and fertility. He was in the city of Thebes around 2000 BC, his tattoos were similar to the hunter of the glacier one, were simple linear, and with designs of points and some stripes.

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Use of Tattoos

They were also used in antiquity to impress and frighten (in a sign of strength and power) enemies on the battlefield. In ancient British villages this method of intimidation and display of power was used by warriors where they tattooed their faces and bodies in preparation for war, they were able to demoralize and infuse fear to enemies.

The tattoo however elsewhere was used as punishment. People who were accused of sacrilege had to be tattooed. As Christianity grew, in the Roman Empire slowly left tattooing slaves and criminals.

Tattoo ideas for men

Tattoos in the Christian religion

The Christians were totally opposed to the tattoos, since they thought that if God had created the man in his image and likeness, it was a sin that the man tried any change of its image, for that reason the Roman emperor Constantine, who was the first emperor of Rome, issued a decree prohibiting the activity of tattooing, this same position has been adopted by other religions to this day.

In spite of these prohibitions exist registries, the warriors of the famous crusades were made to tattoo crucifixes so as to secure a Christian burial. In the same way, pilgrims visiting Jerusalem were making crucifix tattoos to remember their journey and to constantly represent their Faith. They used to have tattoos on their chest, and tattoos on their shoulders always to represent their Faith before God.

crucifix tattoos

Other Ancient Cultures

In other cultures they used tattoos marked on their bodies, that is to say they were not paints but markings made on the body with different short and sharp elements, this same technique was used from the antiquity by other Indian tribes.

It seems that today there are several people who tattoo their bodies do it for the mere fact of a fashion, disregarding the true origins and meanings of this practice, regardless of the cause or reason why you get a tattoo, you have to evaluate it from the personal point of view (health and safety) and the spiritual plane.

Artistic Tattoos for men back

You have to know very well why you get a tattoo and where you are going to do it, take care of your health, your body, verify that the place where you are going to do it meets all the safety requirements, you should avoid catching any illness always putting you in the hands of specialists.

Spiritual tattoos


Spirituality and Tattooing

Now we are going to see the Tattoos for men from the spiritual point of view:

Today we see that many people use these types of “adornments”, however whenever we look at the background, they are generally found in some decadent or idolatrous cultures.

Tattoos used to be a great taboo previously, now however you see at least one design of them tattooed on the skin of many people living in our society. And there are many other people who do not even show in public their tattoos because they have decided to hide them for different reasons: in mystery, for work, or simply because they see something personal and do not want to teach it in public.

Tattoos for men back and shoulders lion

Why do people get tattoos? It’s like cutting your hair in one way, painting it in color, wearing a specific clothing style, all the reasons are personal and surely everyone could tell us something very interesting about their reasons. We can say that it’s like a lifestyle and its personality.

Although it should be said that possibly the most common reasons would be very simple as they may be: the celebration of an event, the birthday, a way of life, an ideology or some religious belief. As a reminder of the achievements, the people who have gone through your life, all the moments experienced in the different phases of life.

Tattoos for men back and shoulders

Tattoos with personal meanings

Possibly the most personal are what reminds someone who is no longer here with us, as it is a traumatic experience that we take into consideration and we use the tattoos in a healthy way as a reminder to all those people who are no longer with us. We remember them with names on our skin, or footprints or hands that accompany us throughout our lives.

Tattoo designs

Reading this article before tattooing you will understand that the tattoo will be part of you and will have a personal or spiritual meaning, so you should be sure to choose well what you are going to do. So the right question before the tattoo should be why you’re going to tattoo yourself, and you must have the clear answer. You should also keep in mind that there are small tattoos for men, which you can place in more personal places and teach them only to the people of your most intimate confidence.

The psychology of tattooing, in the last years, has been the object of studies and academic analyzes. However even with all the studies there are things that escape the understanding as it is that once you make one you come back for more.

Tattoos for werewolves

They say that tattooed people tend to be more extroverted and show a greater “need to be unique”

Tattoo Tips for Men

  • Ask someone known to find the right place and professional to do it.

  • Visit several tattoo shops until you find the one that really convinces you. You have to see what his job is like, the tattoo artist’s certificates, hygiene and first aid insurance.

  • You have to trust your instincts, you have to see that the site gives you good feelings like Miami Ink Tattoo , the tattoo artist is a person who gives you good advice, clean, a good professional.

Seeing and learning from history you realize that people get tattoos because they want to be original and different.

maories tattoo
Let’s go with the cultural question of tattoos for men

What was considered as part of the counterculture, has become a very important part in fashion in the World of Celebrities, which have joined to put ink on their bodies here you have some of the famous tattoos.

Many celebrities and celebrities have multiple tattoos such as David Beckham that has undoubtedly contributed to many want to tattoo to look like their idols, something that before could be considered extravagant and unsightly.

Different Cultures in Tattoos

Different cultures have an importance in the evolution of the very large Tattoos, as each culture have their own style. From here we offer you all the information of different cultures along with very clear examples of their tattoos. Undoubtedly there are cultures that identify with each person, we do not know why exactly, and when they see certain images are attracted to make it part of their skin in the form of ink.

The main cultures known in the world of tattoos for men are: Aztec tattoos, Japanese tattoos, Tribal tattoo, Egyptian tattoos, Maori tattoos, these are just an example of the best known but inside tattoos for men you have many more to discover .

David Beckham‘s tattoos

Currently there are still people who do not approve tattoos, several studies indicate that tattoos could become a problem to get a job, for example. Also other studies indicate that tattooed women were viewed as less attractive, more drug-using (alcohol, etc.) and more promiscuous.

Studies also say that first-time visitors return for more tattoos, and do not usually settle for just one. Many tattooists when you do the first one, always say: You will come back!

Tattoos for personal men

Tattoos for men and main areas

Now we go with the main theme of this website as it is the tattoos for men and the areas where we are going to do it. There are only three parts of our body where you can not get tattoos such as hair, teeth and nails. Even the cornea of the eyes have been tattooed for medical purposes so you can get an idea.

Depending on the place where you get the tattoo look more or less, that is why it is very important to choose the site well. Here we leave you the most common places for tattoos for men

  • Tattoos on arm
  • Tattoos Forearm
  • Tattoos on leg
  • Tattoos on Shoulder
  • Tattoos on Breast
  • Tattoos on Back
  • Tattoos in Neck
  • Tattoos in the Ingle
  • Tattoos on the Hand
  • Tattoos on the Fingers
  • Tattoos on the Twins
  • Tattoos for Couples
  • Small Tattoos for Men
  • Phrases for tattoos

Other cultures within Tattoos:

  • Mexican skull
  • Polynesian Tattoo
  • Tibetan Tattoo
  • Chinese Tattoos
  • Tattoos with First Names
  • More Tattoos for Men

The two styles most known by all:

  • Tattoos New School
  • Tattoos Old School

To put some example the low back is usually a very sexy and sensual location at the same time, although it is true that it is usually more used by women than by men.

The shoulder blades for men is a very attractive area, biceps also tend to like it a lot if you choose the tattoo well although in both cases are areas that must be well muscled to give full splendor tattoo.

Wrist and ankles are often areas that are used to make bracelet-like drawings and are easily tapable to have something personal and not show much in public. In the legs, the twins’ area is used by many men to enhance the muscle with custom and elongated patterns.

Tattoos for men totem legs

Tattoos areas for men, original sites and ideas

There are attractive but less common sites when getting a tattoo such as the abdominals, chest, nipples or even the genitals. Although there are people for everything and as they say “for tastes and colors” but you must be absolutely sure of tattooing in these areas.

We also have different types of inks such as white ink tattoos or with Ultraviolet ink giving it a unique look.

There are also Temporary Tattoos for those who are very sure

In tattoos for men we currently have several techniques of temporary tattoos, these are made of pigments or mixtures of inks and glues. It can be a way to prove, there are several models of tattoos for men of this modality, and you can always decide then to switch to permanent ink with the same style.

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